The statue known as “Victory” was in the beginning called “Goddess of Liberty".  She stood 10 foot tall and was made of Terracotta.  She weighed in at over 2400 lbs. And her pedestal was over 80 feet above the street.
When “Victory” was created she was the largest statue of her kind in the world.  She was fired in 3 pieces and her placement atop the Soldiers Monument was completed on Wed Sept 13, 1870.
 On a stormy night in Oct. of 1960 “Victory” was struck by lightening and beheaded.  Little is know of her disposition but today a lone lightening rod replaces her.
The family of Anna and Donald R. Kraft have donated the remaining funds needed to recreate the "Victory" Statue.
The Kraft family has selected Vincent Tolpo a well known local artist to recreate "Victory".
Contracts with Vincent Tolpo, V&C Tolpo LLC the artist and Art Casting of Illinois who will cast "Victory" with a planned unveiling in the fall of 2015 have been executed.
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To the right is a photograph taken December 4, 2015 with Victory once again standing watch over the Stephenson County Soldiers Monument.
After 55 years the people of Freeport and Stephenson County together return "Victory" to her pedistal above the Stephenson County Soldiers Monument. In addition to a great thank you to the people of Freeport and Stephenson County the members of the Civil War Monument Fund would like to thank Mr. Donald R. Kraft, Mr. Austin Bower, Mr. Jim Stadermann, Mr. Vince Tolpo, Mr. David Engle, Art Casting of Illinois, Renaissance Restorations, Omara Moving and storage, and Groeling salvage for there support.